a portrait of madhushree
A portrait of Madhushree. They have short hair, cropped above the ear. They are smiling. In the background there are trees and they are wearing a hoodie and a shirt.

Hello! My name is Madhushree. I am a researcher and a visual artist. My areas of interest are development, social welfare, political economy, technology, urban studies, art and cinema.

Reach out to me at [email protected]. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter Mastodon and Letterboxd.

Formerly a visual communication design student, I took up economics to acquaint myself with the structural aspects of our society. My training as a designer ingrained problem-solving skills and systems thinking into my practice. As an economist, I am very passionate about addressing inequality and want to work towards increasing mobility for vulnerable communities. Marxist, anticaste and feminist scholarship inform my work.

In my downtime, I watch movies, crochet and learn languages. Download my résumé here.