written work

Women Conductors in the PMPML and their Experiences in Blue Collar Work | Thesis | 2023

Tags: Gender, Labour, Urban Studies, Qualitative Research

On Women Dynasts and Widows’ Succession in Indian Politics | TCPD Columns | 2022

Tags: Gender, Political Science, Dynastic Politics

A Socialist Case for Sports | The Rosa, Issue #2 | 2022

Tags: Culture, Socialism, Sports, Leisure

The need for evolution in Indian Design pedagogy | The UX Collective | 2020

Tags: Pedagogy, Design, Critique


Rethinking the Digital World Through a Marxist Lens | 2022

Infographic posters made during the Political Economy of Karl Marx workshop at the Summer Academy for Heterodox Economics by Exploring Economics.

Tags: Political Economy, Social Media, Culture, Marx

Evolution of Bollywood Music, Dataset | 2022

Research output of SICSS IIIT Hyderabad exploring the evolution of Bollywood music using Spotify data and corresponding trends.

Tags: Bollywood Music, Computational Social Science, History, Culture

Crowdsourcing Data: Pick My Plate | 2022

Classroom project made during SICSS IIIT Hyderabad speculating the ways in which crowdsourced data can be utilised for.

Tags: Computational Social Science, Nutrition, Crowdsourced data.

Impact Evaluation of NABARD’s Bank-Linkage programme for SHGs and JLGs | 2021

Key findings from research undertaken by Symbiosis School of Economics on funded by NABARD.

Tags: Econometrics, Microfinance, Primary Research.

dob | 2020-present

A multimedia project that curates art, literature, music, cinema and research by scholars and artists from marginalised groups all over the world.

Tags: Art, Curation, Culture

the word is map | 2020-present

A telegram channel where I curate poetry and literary excerpts.

Tags: Poetry, Literature, Curation.

art & design

Recycling Maps and a 3D-Tree Map chart for Kashtakari Panchayat | 2023

Created kumu maps that explain findings from field research about the plastic recycling processes in Gujarat and Malegaon, and a chart to visualise the composition of plastic waste generated by households in Pune in 2022

Tags: Design Research, Documentation, Systems Mapping, Multimedia Art

Zine: Sex as a Survivor | 2023

A zine about reclaiming pleasure. CW: Mention of sexual assault and trauma.

Tags: Illustration

Zine: A Room of One's Own | 2023

A zine about gender, privacy and spaces.

Tags: Illustration

The Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic | 2021-22

Website co-designed with Prashant Matta for the Internet Freedom Foundation.

Tags: UI Design

ImpactMojo | 2022

Designed the website and communication collateral for ImpactMojo- an edtech platform that aims to make accessible and relevant educational courses specifically targeted towards, both, aspiring and veteran development professionals.

Tags: UI Design, Graphic Design

overwhelmed by work | 2021

Series of illustrations for the first issue of the Rosa.

Tags: Illustration, Pandemic, Work

lockdown doodles | 2020

Series of illustrations made for a collaboration with Kimaya Kulkarni.

Tags: Illustration, Fiction

KidZee Preschool | 2019-20

Outputs of UX research conducted at KidZee Preschool, Hinjewadi to understand how learning outcomes could be improved.

Tags: Early Childhood Education, UX Research, Systems Design

Care More – Packaging | 2018

Packaging design done during an internship with Drawww Media.

Tags: Packaging Design, Branding.


untitled_01 | 2019

Experimental short film.

Tags: Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Experiement

Vale | 2018

A short film about two lovers meeting after a long separation.

Tags: Fiction, Editing, Direction, Scriptwriting

Nostalgia | 2018

Audio-visual poem.

Tags: Poetry, Editing, Cinematography, Experiement

Room Beneath The Stairs | 2018

Short documentary film about the owners of the stationary store at MIT Institute of Design.

Tags: Direction, Editing, Documentary