Designer | June - Nov 2021

Unlike most other fields, the development sector in India lacks a holistic canon of knowledge and literature to draw from - there is no one correct way of development work and even if there is, this is not summarised in an easy standardised and clear fashion. As a result, a vast majority of development interventions lack rigour and impact. Not only is this problematic in terms of resource utilization, but also because in development real human lives are an opportunity cost.

ImpactMojo aims to address this gap by creating accessible courses about MEL, critical thinking, data literacy and understanding development issues. This pedagogical endeavour was launched by Varna Sri Raman, the founder of PinPointVentures.

brand guidelines

A slide describing the visual guidelines of the brand. Keywords are Playful, Earthy, Wise and Accessible
A slide describing the asset guidelines of the brand: Assets that evoke wonder, curiousity like space, nature, paper planes, tinkering


screenshot of the website. text: “Critical Thinking: A New Vision

The three pillars are service prototyping, testing for scale, design for impact.

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